31 de enero de 2015

Simmer Testing: ICON vs BLACK TIP

Testing feedback

The past Saturday I tested the Black Tip and Icon 4,0 at Pozo conditions.
I was sailing on 4,0 a bit powered up. Booth sails are really comfortable in sailing and waveriding, but the Black Tip is much better in waveriding and Icon in jumping. 
El sábado pasado probé la Black Tip y la Icon 4,0 en Pozo Izquierdo. Estaba navegando con 4,0 fuerte. Ambas velas me parecieron muy cómodas navegando y surfeando, pero la Black Tip mucho mejor en surfeadas y la Icon en saltos.

Black Tip
Planning: Stable (more power on the back hand, in the gusts)
Waveriding / handling: Realy easy to move the sail where ever you want
Shape: Deeper profile
Jumps: Comfortable
Feeling in your hands Lighter than Icon
Planning: Neutral  (Completly Stable)
Waveriding / handling: Less  maneuverability than the BT
Shape: Less profile than BT, but similar feeling in sailing.
Jumps: Comfortable
Feeling in your hands Heavier than Black Tip